The feel-good factor at the office

How do you create an atmosphere in which everybody feels good at the office? One way is with chairs by Swiss manufacturer Züco.
by Fabian Peters | 6/19/2020

A homely office – this conjures up associations with a personal touch to the workplace. This can be created by plants and photos as well as by the favourite painting or a nice graphic. However, all these efforts will be in vain if the office furniture only takes into account functional aspects and does not also pay attention to design quality and pleasant materials when buying. A pretty oil painting or a lush plant will unfortunately do little to make up for this deficit.

Help is at hand, however, in the guise of products by longstanding Swiss manufacturer Züco, which is now part of the Dauphin Group. Züco has been building furniture to the highest standards of craftsmanship for nearly 100 years now. As a company with its roots in saddlery, it maintains a notable expertise in leatherwork and upholstery that forms its own brand essence to this day. Building on this, Züco creates seating which, in its overall form, its details and the fine materials used, serves to emphasize the high-end aspirations of the business.

The “Signo” swivel chair, for example, exudes class, not least thanks to the interplay of the precisely molded aluminum back frame and the backrest itself, which is dynamically curved yet delicate. The elegant stitching likewise testifies to the precision work that goes into “Signo”. Thanks to the extra-large seat, which is constructed from multilayered molded foam, the chair provides for a relaxed and comfortable feeling for the sitter. The aluminum curved rear frame of the “Signo” appears particularly harmonious in combination with the integrated armrests, which are produced from the same material. An alternative option is multifunctional armrests that can be adjusted in their height, breadth and depth, and there is a choice of cover materials encompassing soft polyurethane and leather. In the version created as a conference chair, “Signo” is available with backrests in two different heights, and there are three heights available for the swivel-chair version. High-quality leather and fabric are the options for the cover material, but either variation makes a statement in any meeting room and in any management office.

Striking and carefully considered

An even more striking design has been realized in the “LaCinta” family of armchairs. In the swivel chair the eye-catching kink in the line of the backrest corresponds with the gentle curve of the visually separate seat section. Functioning as the clasp bonding the two is an elegant curved back frame made of aluminum. On the leather-upholstered armchairs, the details of perforated Lavalina leather make a particularly eye-catching feature. For the fabric-covered versions too, there is an option to include side panels in leather, while the backrest of “LaCinta” is covered with the comfortable OMEGA 3D fabric. Alongside the office swivel chairs and conference seats, the series also includes elegant cantilever chairs and a compact swivel companion with a one-piece backrest-seat element. This variety makes “LaCinta” the ideal option for optimal and homely furnishing of numerous office settings.

The Züco range’s entry-level item is the new “Selvio” work chair – a design by Rüdiger Schaack. With its backrest in the form of a double-S curve, it picks up on the human spine as the inspiration for its design. Even in its upholstered version, the backrest still manages to appear extremely delicate, while in the version with a mesh backrest made of elastic Rhythm fabric, it seems almost intangible, vanishing into the air. Another design by Rüdiger Schaack which, in contrast to “Selvio”, is already a firm classic in the Züco range is the “VisitaRe” chair series. The designer has now given it a prudent update to bring it into the present day, with the result being that the revised “VisitaRe” won the 2020 German Design Award. A particular feature of the swivel chair and a simultaneously definitive element of its design is the free-floating, strapped seat of the “VisitaRe”. It thus forms a bridge between the classic cantilever chair (which also forms part of the collection) and a swivel chair. A brace structure affixed towards the front edge of the seat connects it to the star-shaped aluminum base, which is available in a four or five-point version.

The high-quality Züco furniture with its timeless design and its selected materials brings the feel-good factor to the office setting. With its design vocabulary it constitutes an elegant frame for the items close to your heart – be it a favorite picture or a beloved plant.