Light in motion

Zumtobel is expanding its range of office lighting, leaving plenty of scope for individual preferences as it does so.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 12/6/2019
"Ecoos II": Zumtobel's Curved Wave technology captures the light and directs it around the luminaire, creating a 360-degree radiation.

Uncompromisingly good light: During the dark winter months in particular, concentrated work requires perfect lighting. Zumtobel has mastered this skill with aplomb, with two new luminaires now enhancing the lighting specialist’s current portfolio. With its frame-free body, “Light Fields III” by Stefan Ambrozus offers a flush and seamless linear arrangement. It can also be positioned freely in a space as a pendant luminaire. Its integrated tunableWhite technology enables the light to react to the relevant daylight with appropriate light colors and concentrations, thus promoting productive work. Thanks to the MPO+ optic, the beams of light run in parallel and are not diffused in different directions, and this perfectly controlled refraction and glare suppression creates a pleasing balance between diffuse and targeted light, helping to foster a sense of wellbeing. The new “Ecoos II” is likewise equipped with MPO+, a micro-pyramidal optic and tunableWhite technology. With its linear design, it is primarily suitable for illuminating large areas and incorporates Zumtobel’s curved wave technology, which captures the light and directs it around the luminaire to ensure all-round illumination over 360 degrees. If required, individual luminaires can also be connected to form a self-contained strip of light.

Further innovations due to feature in the range from late 2020 are two highly flexible luminaires: With its tilting head, the “Micros II” downlight offers various angles of illumination, as well as multiple light colors and excellent glare suppression. Thanks to its simple structure, it is an ideal alternative to downlights with now outdated halogen bulbs. The office luminaire “Epuria”, meanwhile, is a standard lamp that is always to hand when a workstation needs even illumination. Its fittings can be adapted to suit various different office settings: be it a single or double head, various different light fluxes, color variations or the optional dimmer function. Daylight and presence control is also available. From extensive lighting for an open-plan office to targeted spots, a huge variety of lighting needs are catered for. With the minimalist designs of “Light Fields III”, “Ecoos II”, “Epuria” and “Micros II”, Zumtobel’s state-of-the-art lighting technology blends in with any architectural setting.

Floor lamp "Epuria": Depending on individual preference, there is a choice of single or double head, different luminous fluxes, colour variants and an optional dimming function.