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Safety combined with efficiency

In the form of “Resclite Pro“ and “Amphibia“ Zumtobel presents two new robust light solutions. And has developed “Claris evolution“ further.
Cautious: "Resclite Pro"

With "Resclite Pro", Zumtobel demonstrates that emergency lighting can be attractive. The outside of the luminaire has been reduced to a minimum, meaning it can be integrated very inconspicuously into architectural projects. Moreover, the small LED spotlight is now available in a mini version that is barely noticeable when mounted on or recessed in the ceiling. The spectrum of the energy-efficient luminaire has been expanded by opting for new lenses: The "antipanic" model offers square light distribution that pushes the light into every corner. And thanks to the "escape 90-degree lens" two corridors can be lit simultaneously. The spotlight lens can highlight specific items such as a fire extinguisher. The controls for "Resclite Pro" have been made as simple as possible via the dedicated smartphone Proset app. An interface allows both permanent or standby lighting mode, but also dimming levels to be set.

Resclite Pro

Wet-room luminaire “Amphibia” is another newcomer to the Zumtobel product range and a really smooth operator. Both its housing and diffuser are impervious to moisture, chemicals and dust – none of which alter the quality of light delivered. The unique Drip-Edge effect helps prevent dirt and detergents from gathering on the fitting. There is also a version with a special gear tray and industry converter enabling the luminaire to withstand extreme heat and cold. “Amphibia” comes with precision glare regulation that optimizes visual quality while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. A transparent cover enhances vertical illumination intensity and offers indirect light. The InvisiClick mechanism also enables simple, clip-free mounting. And because the luminaire is made from just one plastic compound like polycarbonate it is ensured a long product life.


In addition, Zumtobel is now marketing its efficient strip lighting "Claris evolution" in a pared-back version: The dimensions have been pruned and the recessed light chambers give the suspension fitting a striking visual structure. When you consider the new colors black, white, bronze and silver, and factor in the matt and gloss finishes, you can in fact now can choose from up to 24 possible color combinations. With a balanced relationship between direct and indirect light "Claris evolution" makes for ergonomic working light and a pleasant atmosphere. Existing "Claris" light solutions can be easily upgraded using an adapter. Finally, the strip light can now be regulated via wireless technology.

"Claris evolution"
Bite resistant: "Amphibia"