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A bowl is a simple tool that has been used by mankind through centuries. It does not need an explanation - if it works it is obvious. These extraordinary but still so ordinary bowls are ideal for daily cooking and serving. Wide slopes make it suitable for pouring both thin and thick consistencies, while the unique non-slip bottom keeps it in place. A balanced width to depth ratio makes preparing the right amount simple. Quite simply an extraordinary ordinary bowl. Ole Jensen explains: "A bowl is no more than a mobile hollow with functional features. An easy task when you think of it. Thinking about the many bowls mankind have already created it would perhaps seem senseless to create a couple more. Especially when they are so simple in design. To occupy one's mind with the simple things is always a challenge because it creates new experiences from the simplicity. That is of course only when you look for the unique in the simplicity or if you are able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Jensen bowls have been designed with an almost paradox idea in mind; to make the bowls exceptionally simple. To make them "extraordinary ordinary".

Colorsshades of blue
shades of grey

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Jensen

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