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Product description

A revolutionary vacuum jug hits the streets at the end of 2005. Ahead of the event lies the development of a product with an unusual history. With the presentation of the Magma vacuum jug we have reached our goal.
How is it possible to make the core for a triangular vacuum jug and utilize its form optimally? This question has been turned, twisted and tested in our product development team over the past eleven months. Here Normann, together with the Canadian designer Francis Cayouette, have worked on the development of the world's first triangular vacuum jug. The answer to the question has been found in a development process where all traditional solutions have been revised and new ideas have been taken in use.
Magma is an extraordinary design, strong but warm hearted at the same time and much more than a practical container for hot and cold drinks. Magma is the idea of reaching out to clutch materials, form and colours which appeal to the senses. In other words Magma is functional design with a story, and the first vacuum jug of its kind.
Francis Cayouette: "I started to investigate the market for vacuum jugs and found that only a few vacuum jugs were designed as interesting objects. Often they are just mechanical aspects without sense of quality and aesthetic notion. I made a simple vacuum jug with a minimum of visual, technical and functional aspects - no handles; just grab the vacuum jug where it fits your hand best. It's important for me that Magma has an identity of its own: something surprising, untraditional, and recognizable for it's use and function, but with the ability to stand as a decorative object in itself. That's what Magma is and it's perfect for the Normann collection: It's an icon, simple, unexpected, colourful and fun!"
The first time we laid eyes on Magma we immediately fell in love with it, and our shared history of product development has made Magma a strong member of the Normann family. Magma is a vacuum jug with an edge and a history. We welcome Magma at Normann!

Colorsshades of grey
shades of brown
shades of red

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Francis Cayouette

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