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There is also room for children in Normann Copenhagen's new series, New Danish Modern. Play is a series of quality children's furniture designed by Jesper K. Thomsen. The series features a different and humoristic approach, consisting of table, bench, chair, board and a soapbox cart. Play has arisen from the idea of play and building a child's imagination. Jesper K. Thomsen has re-interpreted the classic soapbox cart to create a series of quality children's furniture. The expression is random and home-made, with oblique lines, compound angles and such humorous details as the green projections contrasting with the clear yellow colour. Jesper K. Thomsen explains: "Children's furniture must be for children, rather than small copies of adult furniture. I have designed a series of children's furniture for both boys and girls that has a humorous approach. The soapbox cart is an icon for play and creation, making it a natural source of inspiration for me when designing furniture for children. To the extent that the soapbox cart is usually built in the garage by adults and children together, that is the emotion I want to portray in the furniture series. The concept for Play almost grew on its own. Just like a soapbox cart, Play will hopefully contribute to many hours play and discovery." Play is handmade and manufactured in Denmark in a local carpenter's shop.

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