True Feelings

Product description

True Feelings is a product range that truly carries the fingerprints of Claydies. First item to be launched by Normann Copenhagen is a tea light candle holder. With a fine and immediate structure the tea light candle holder gives a versatile and romantic light. True Feelings is all about leaving fingerprints and changing habits. The designer-duo Claydies have based the development of the series on an experiment with dogma rules. One of the rules was to work blindfolded. Focus was transferred from a visual approach to design to the sense of touch. The design became an expression of the fingers' choice only. The result is a unique, sensitive and elegant design. Claydies explain: " True Feelings is designed by our fingers and our fingers only. Often the looks of our designs are thoroughly thought through. The idea of True Feelings is to do the opposite and let the hands take control - while being blindfolded. This allows us to loose the sense of proportion and our focus is transferred from our sight to the fingers. The result is an immediate design where the porcelain's fine structure gives the design an elegant and romantic look". With a touch of irony the uneven edges of True Feelings underline the childish and immediate design. True Feelings is a strong contrast to very polished, deliberated and aesthetic designs. Light a candle in the True Feelings tea light candle holder and let the cosy atmosphere radiate.


Normann Copenhagen, Denmark


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