Brooklyn storage unit

Brooklyn storage unit
Product description

Inspiring design! The complementary member of the sublime family. Ein durchdachter Brückenschlag zwischen dem Gastgeber und seinen Gästen.
Brooklyn is a strong bridge that brings the executive together with the business world, much like the Brooklyn Bridge it was named after.

Brooklyn gives executive offices a characteristic look by forming geometrical designs with its unusual lines. It transforms serious and distant environments to warm and safe areas, through integrating contrasting wood and metal in its design details. Brooklyn saves executive offices from monotony by enriching them with its rich combination options.

Manufactured using the same characteristic lines, Brooklyn Storage Units maintain the unity of language in the space, while bringing order to the work area it is used in, with its various options that are suited for different purposes.

Materialmetal (unspecified)
wood (unspecified)
Colorsshades of grey
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Nurus, Turkey

Nurus Design Lab