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Product description

Offers innovative, easy and flexible solutions for work areas.
Adds value to manager’s offices.
Gate consists of a main platform serving as a bridge and the storage units that complete system on this platform. Gate offers practical, innovative and flexible solutions for the ever-increasing needs, as well as offering a flexible means of working.
Apart from acrylic and fabric screens of differing widths, different storage units may also be included to the accessory band of Gate that can sit on the platform. Thus, Gate offers a more efficient use of the work areas.
Gate’s accessories and cabinets may be placed on the platform, helping store such materials like paper, files and printers in an organized manner.
Gate Work Stations may be created by adding desktops to the platform and may be divided into sections by screens.
Gate’s cable channel and cable tray placed on the platform gives the user the electricity and data cables required in work areas, through a functional leg.

Gate has a coffee table with castors of two different heights, each offering a comfortable use, while enriching the work area.

Table finishwith wheels
Table top shaperectangular
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