Greta sofa

Presented:Orgatec 2012, Cologne
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureSeating furnitureWaiting furniture
Product description

Nostalgic lines reviving the 60s.
Retro lines to today.
Greta integrates the past with the future, carrying the spirit of the 60’s with its retro lines to today.
While allowing effective construction of limited spaces and personalization with its back shelf option, Greta adapts to its environment with its rich color options. Its durable structure, soft quilted fabric and lightness help make living spaces comfortable. Greta creates warm and fun spaces.

Greta’s single and double sofas can be used right in front of the executive desks, common work or lounge areas. Greta brings comfort and warmth to living spaces. Greta offers comfortable sitting that shines at homes and social areas with its back shelved triple sofa option.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith legs
Backrest finishwith backrest
Armrest finishwith armrests
Colorsshades of green
shades of grey
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Nurus, Turkey

Nurus Design Lab

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