Product description

Today work places are practically our living spaces where we spend at least 8 hours; therefore comfort is our top priority. Every product in the office, from desk to chair, helps maximize level of comfort. ISOLA panel system is a product that provides long-lasting support.
This panel system that comes with 2 different heights offers functional solutions while enriching single desks with various accessories. When positioned in open plan offices, it offers a meeting layout that provides privacy. ISOLA Media Wall, positioned right opposite the common area furniture, helps you create an innovative presentation space.
Making a presentation becomes easier with Nuruslinks, which is compatible with ISOLA. Media Wall, also compatible with Stone from Nurus waiting area furniture, will help make team work much more efficient.
ISOLA panel system basically asks you to redefine privacy, team work, and home comfort in the office. It offers a wide array of solutions for your needs ranging from personal work spaces to unofficial team meetings. Now, it is much easier to improve efficiency by compartmentalizing your living space in the office.

Colorsshades of red

Nurus, Turkey

Nurus Design Lab