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Product description

The remarkable effect of trust and simplicity.
Functional design for different needs.
Meeting desks that produce solutions to different styles and changing number of people.

Silva’s rich product family consists of single desks, manager desks, meeting desks, islands and workstations and answers to all the needs of corporation. With the leg options it has, Silva reflects the identity of the corporation and the style of its user. It reinforces the feelings of trust and belonging with its simplistic design.
Silva’s single desks and manager desks designed for use by managers and in individual work areas reflect its user’s style and character. With its storage units and coffee tables, Silva answers to different needs while enriching work areas.

Silva Meeting Desks with different sizes and forms leave the desired visual effect in meeting rooms and manager offices with their leg options.

Table finishtable with column base
Table top shaperectangular
Colorsshades of brown
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Nurus, Turkey

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