Cape armchair with high backrest

Product description

Björn Mulder, one of Palau’s original creative spirits, designed Cape as his first product for a business setting in the Palau collection. This armchair has a strong acoustic effect due to the hood. This makes the Cape eminently suitable as a place to concentrate on work or make calls.

The armchair provides sufficient protection without isolating the user entirely from his surroundings.

The Cape is available with and without hood. The base is available in stainless steel as well as powder coated in various colors.

Width 900 mm
Height 1400 mm
Depth 750 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Base finish cantilevered
Backrest finish with back padding
Armrest finish with armrests
Material steel
textiles (unspecified)
leather (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of yellow
shades of grey
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Palau, Netherlands

Björn Mulder