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Mesh inspires to think of a diorama- the mobile theatre device invented in the 19th century by Louis Daguerre which transformed later into display cabinets made of glass. Like a diorama, Mesh is the piece of furniture for an effective presentation. It presents itself and everything that you would like to show. Glass cabinets which glare in a new light. That is the biggest talent of Mesh: the transparency. Created either by a luxurious, tinted glass or decorative perforated plates. Or just by completely open elements. However, the structures made of aluminium profiles can be covered with other materials too.

Besides transparent and semi - transparent surfaces, completely closed surfaces are possible as well. Mesh and its modular system can serve all individual requirements: let it be a light side furniture, transparent sideboard or even a whole glass shelf.

Material aluminium
glass (unspecified)
Colors shades of yellow
shades of blue
shades of red
shades of green
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by Piure

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