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Open and transparent, yet stable. Sturdy, yet elegant. Light, yet durable. For those seeking these varied and seemingly con­flicting features, there’s no getting around one structure – the frame design. Basically, this means is omitting the middle section and reinforcing the frame as the structur­ally significant part. The amazing thing about it is this: the area inside the frame is ours to design as creatively as we choose.

MESH has creatively developed this principle further. This line of furniture owes its wide range of advantages to a filigree frame made of precision-crafted aluminium profiles. Consid­erably lighter and more valuable than steel – durable, strong and easy to recycle. The piece offers innumerable décor options since we can fill the structure with any number of materials or leave it open. Transparent, semi-transparent or closed … our modular system offers a fascinating range of expressive surfaces which you can configure individually to form luxurious furniture marked by elegance.

Transparency opens things up, creates surprising perspectives and presents us with new spaces. Much of what we find appealing and beautiful in nature, as well as in an urban environment, results from these perspectives large and small: “framed” pictures whose transparent character is shaped by light. We took this as our point of departure for MESH – and invite you to witness a consummate interaction with transparency. For instance, we’ve left part of the piece of furniture open, making it possible to look right through it. We’ve also achieved a beautiful and luxurious effect by using top-quality tinted glass – which meanwhile is produced by only a few companies worldwide. Four different tints are available for you to choose from: a subtle grey, a warm brown, a discreet blue or a light green – making objects and the surrounding room appear in a light which is entirely different and expressive. It is these subtle shifts in the way colour and light are perceived which unveil their special, fascinating effect – and make MESH a unique design piece.

One of the subtlest allusions to reality is its reflection. It extends space, going beyond the mere doubling of beauty and able to interpret it in brilliant ways. With MESH we have brought this multifaceted interplay with reflection to the interior space. And taken it to the next level. Upon request, we are able to use various types of tinted glass in the frames, which now makes it possible to reflect space in different ways. This has the marvellous affect that not only the area in front of the glass is reflected in a subdued tone. Any items you place behind the tinted glass are also subject to this luxurious touch. An exciting ensemble develops as a result of the subtle interplay of the various levels which occurs in front of and behind the glass. By opting for other matt or reflective surfaces or a perforated element, you can intensify the multi­faceted interplay even more. MESH, living with you and the light. Transparency is shown to particular advantage as a result of the freestanding piece of furniture. No matter whether it is used as an open shelving unit or closed cabinet. The openings of the perforated section exude calm. Viewed from a certain angle, two perforated sections overlap and the openings appear to be in motion. MESH isn’t minimalist enough for you? Voilà: here is MESH in its most simplistic form. An intricate, perfectly balanced piece of furniture entirely without back or side sections. It cuts a transparent figure in the middle of the room or against a wall. And to keep books and other treasures in place, this airy ver­sion of MESH comes with elegant bookends and side supports.

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Piure, Germany

Werner Aisslinger