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Discreet aluminum frames, in colour or in chrome, perforated plate and tinted glass: MESH creates a play of flat or textured surfaces and ensure a transparent and friendly atmosphere in the office. In this respect, the range impresses by its piure- typical, luxurious construction of the single elements and details. The transparency and the flexibility of MESH support a connected working culture where everything is in flow: Information, ideas, creativity. Werner Aisslinger has shaped the term of an „osmotic office „in this sense. In the object segment which incorporates the work-place, whole office layouts can be created with this simple modular system: with pieces in the welcome area for organization and storage, for meeting space and for sitting or standing. MESH is in this respect so transparent that the social and creative streams find space. Dimensions and fine looks are being adapted individually to the requirements and preferences. The mix of materials impresses by its originality: With colour tinted glass, MESH gives every room – whether a modern office or a home – a luxurious touch. The perforated plate is reminiscent of op-art: delivering an almost kinetic effect made of floating circles. The contemporary design of the new range is being supported by a refreshing concept of colours. Dynamic colours like blue, yellow or red set a modern statement within the office and are able to make a contribution to the corporate identity of a company.
Material aluminium
glass (unspecified)
Colors shades of yellow
shades of blue
shades of red
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