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Lets think of a circus actor. One who can be contortionist, weightlifter, knife-thrower and fire-eater at the same time. It is the same for the Nex Box and its huge collection. No desire remains open with its different boxes. The collection of Nex Box turns single boxes into creative sideboards or hanging wall-installations. They come in many different widths, depths, heights with doors, flaps, drawers, open or all combined. The boxes can be put next to each other, stacked or wall-mounted. At this point one word to precise the distinction between Nex Sideboards: Nex boxes are put next to each other and have one or more joints. Furthermore every box has a fine edging. Whilst the Nex Sideboard –no matter how many bodies are next to each other – feature a continuous cover plate and one fine edging. This means: A sideboard made of Nex Boxes is more flexible in its presentation and is more economically priced than the sideboard.

Cupboard front finish swinging double door frontage
Material wood (unspecified)
Colors shades of brown
shades of grey
shades of blue
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