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Being unmistakable or different is a quality which is very much rooted in our western culture. And it begins in the mind. This is where an unmistakable identity evolves which is aware of its uniqueness, ideally driven by the individual rather than by external forces. This applies not only to thoughts but also to the way we present ourselves, what we wear and how we furnish our homes. With NEX Box we have designed a piece of furniture which enables an almost limitless expression of individuality. The incredibly wide variety of the NEX Box range offers the right solution for any wish, for any individual circumstances. Use individual boxes on their own or put them together to form ensembles, anything is possible from conservatively classic to creatively combined. In many expressive colours, with many different fronts featuring an ingenious interplay of lines, in many heights and widths and with many different leg options. Wherever you decide to place the piece – on its own, in a pair or in a group – you can select NEX Box in such a way that it always cuts a perfect figure. Plus the individual boxes are easy to move and use in different places thanks to their modular design.

NEX Box is available with doors, drawers, flaps and open compartments for use individually or in combination, as shown here with a door and two drawers. With an astonishing number of different widths, heights and versions. The more varied the composition, the more exciting the interplay of colour, shape, material and size. NEX Boxes start at a height of 25 cm. Depending on the variation, you can order elements measuring up to 125 cm. The elegant aluminium overlay is a beautiful place to show your items, and gives the box a touch of colour since you can order it in any Piure matt lacquer colour you please. Boxes can be mounted on the wall in creative arrangements. Contrast­ing inner colours make the open compartments especially beautiful.

Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage
Colorsshades of brown
shades of grey
shades of blue
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Piure, Germany

Studio Piure
2013, 2016