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Presented:imm cologne 2016, Cologne
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Product description

One look at what is happening around us reveals a high degree of complexity. People need clarity if they want to see through it all and have an unadulterated view of the interdependencies. An unam­biguous, honest picture of the circum­stances. This picture becomes all the more important the more reality encroaches upon us and affects our own needs. An intellectual undertaking – and at the same time one which mirrors the way we shape our immediate environment.

Our NEX Shelf could play a constructive part in this respect. Not least of all because its clarity and transparency are accentuated by means of a generous structure. In keeping with this approach, we opted to forgo very intricate com­partments. And the vertical shadow gaps which result when the sides of two elements come together abundantly reinforce the clear structure. The NEX Shelf includes elements which were defined by our designers. Align open elements and ones with a specifically designed front – drawers and doors – to suit your own taste, while taking practical considerations into account. Coloured inserts are available for you to choose from to especially accentuate open compartments. NEX Shelf comes in two different depths, with five height elements and three width elements.

As shown here, the fronts generate a subtle play of shadow gaps. The sides of the shelf elements merge discreetly. Piure’s hallmarks of high-quality surfaces and perfect craftsmanship are also evident in the NEX Shelf. Do you perhaps need compartments with greater heights to accommodate large-format picture books or a formidable vase? Then we recommend an element designed as an open compartment It extends across two compartment heights and is the ideal way to provide beautiful items with the space they require. Fascinating compositions result when you use a combination of shelves with various widths as well as open and closed elements.

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