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Product description

The PIXLIP surface light system offers a flexible design element in a dynamic interaction between lighting and space. These homogeneously-illuminated frames are based on made-to-measure aluminum profiles that allow for optimum light reflection thanks to their special design. Illumination is provided by laterally-mounted LED modules, whose light diffusely provide backlighting to the fabric surface cover. With its clear form language, the system represents a new generation of integrated lighting solutions and allows for a wide and varying range of application and design options. 

The new OD illuminated frame series by PIXLIP was specially designed for the outdoors. Its flexible and customized design allows for many different applications: From fully-illuminated facades to single advertising spaces to freestanding light elements. Made-to-measure aluminum profiles are used as the basic equipment here, although they are illuminated by waterproof LED modules. Covered with weather-resistant fabric, they give every building a second skin, since the technical fabrics can be individually printed and replaced at any time. This makes every facade unique with added value for municipalities, architecture and the economy. These large-size, backlit frames not only help a location’s attractiveness and safety but also create orientation and can bridge great distances as a means of communication that conveys identity. Together with customers, PIXLIP experts develop personalized solutions that are customized to a particular goal and spatial or structural conditions. 

A maximum frame size of ca. 3 m x 5 m is recommended. The frames can be put together as you wish like a puzzle and allow for extensive, homogeneous motifs thanks to the small clearance. The maximum facade construction depth is a narrow 18 cm with the option of using certified HALFEN GmbH products for the substructure. The weather-resistant lighting elements can optionally be controlled using DMX/DALI.

Width5000 mm
Height3000 mm
Depth180 mm

Pixlip, Germany

Pixlip Design