Product description

The brut shelves demonstrate a meeting point between clean lines and rough edges. Simple in appearance, they play with materiality to present a series that is visually light and structurally grounded. Our latest collaboration with French designer Ferréol Babin, the brut shelves expose his unique ability to mix material and composition. Using different types of glass as the structural boundary of the series, solid marble slabs appear to float within. Three precisely cut edges meet the glass sides, leaving a roughly broken front. Utilising off-cut marble from Austria, drilled holes assist with the clean break of each piece.

brut shelves: Combining a smooth glass exterior with raw cut marble, the brut shelves are an exercise in contradictions. The heavy marble shelves appear as if to float within the structural glass exterior, with a raw cut front to the off-cut marble slabs further emphasising a unique combination of elements and textures, bringing together varying degrees of colour, texture and transparency into this captivating series.

Width800 mm
Height1000 mm
Depth350 mm

pulpo, Germany

Ferréol Babin