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Product description

The Douglas is a majestic tree: In this country, we find them up to 70 meters tall. The current tallest Douglas stands more than 63 meters tall in the Black Forest - the home of pur natur.

The Douglas is one of the hardest native coniferous wood.This makes it extremely tough and very well suited for use as flooring.

Douglas floorboards from pur natur connect natural solidity with timeless modernity and are therefore used in many ways: They form the foundation of architecturally reduced homes as well as modern minimalistic loft apartments. The floorboards are also in restored castles, contemporary museums or well furnished private homes.

What is so special about Douglas is the impressive extent to which the floorboards can be manufactured: We can produce pur natur floorboards of Douglas with up to 15 meters in length and 40 cm width. This is not possible with any other type of wood.

What this means for you: Large rooms can be installed with full length floorboards without visual interruption. This is ideal for linear room concepts and is one of the reasons that many architects and builders from around the world work together with us.

Douglas floorboards from pur natur have always been manufactured in Germany. For the most part, the Douglas tree trunks come from the Black Forest. A small amount comes from surrounding forests as well. The direct purchase from the forest also enables a complete proof of origin. Upon request, you can receive the coordinates of the trees from which your floor is made of.

Another plus of the Douglas: pur natur Douglas floorboards are very easy to maintain. Water and pur natur soap are sufficient to clean the floor. Each cleaning also contributes to the formation of the distinctive Patina.

Length 2 - 15 m
Width 200 - 400 mm
Depth 28 mm / 35 mm
Material douglas fir

Pur Natur, Germany

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