Cassettes bright Rolled

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Categories: Exterior walls / FacadesFacadesMetal panel facades
Product description

The use of cassettes in curtain walls comes from the development of large components for quick and cost-efficient installation. These are large surface, elevated cladding. The four lateral edges are folded. RHEINZINK offers the option of having casse

ttes produced individually and project-specific. When installed on appropriate substructures, cassettes lend a futuristic, "technical" appearance to buildings. This installation system is very popular for administrative and commercial buildings.

All pictures: Printing factory for Berlingske Tidende, Slagelse, Denmark
Architekt/Architect: Søren Robert Lund Arkitekter MAA PAR, K

openhagen, Denmark

Form plain (closed)
Surface galvanized
Material titanium-zinc
Colors shades of grey
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Rheinzink, Germany