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Product description

With respect to the material zinc, the dual standing seam counts as a development of the original wooden seam / simple standing seam. Since literature of 1899, it has been the clear preference over other systems, for rooves with a slope of under 25° (

minimum slope 3° or 5%). The name "dual standing seam" is characteristic of one of the of the classic long connection types - courses installed alongside one another, outside of the water level. At a minimum seam height of 23 mm, the dual standing seam i

s rain proof without any additional treatment. The 25 mm high, dual standing seam produced with with pre-shaped courses has gained international acceptance. The profile is tilted and closed manually or by machine, using shaping machines. It is even possib

le to produce special shapes such as convex and concave curves or conical course without difficulty. The multitude of possible detail variations in the dual standing seam offers a subtle emphasis of shape and looks equally appropriate with both traditiona

l architecture and modern designs.

All pictures: Federation Square Management Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Architekt/Architect: Lab achitecture studio

London, UK, Melbourne, Australia
in assosiation with Bates Smart, Melbourne, Australia

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