ARENA daybed

Product description

Designed by Gordon Guillaumier under the RODA brand, it is the new must-have item.  Almost an icon of relaxation and leisure: with its elliptical shape, subtle backrest and steel frame, ARENA gives the idea of a floating raft, ready to welcome one or more people on its soft, comfortable cushions.

The range currently consists of a unique "eye catcher" element, an image product that not only draws the attention, but also meets the need for comfortable "hybrid" seating, where one can causally relax, sunbathe and read a book.

ARENA brings and reinforces a fundamental structural aspect to get the most out of the outdoor experience: the softness of the seat, made unique thanks to its elliptical shape, the inclination of the backrest and the tubular mesh that is one of RODA's brand new elements.

Length2030 mm
Width1680 mm
Height810 mm
Colorsshades of blue
shades of grey
shades of beige

Roda, Italy

Gordon Guillaumier