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Roda - The Design Process

Inside and out, the home and the garden are distinct, separate and independent spaces. This was certainly true in the past, but today this distinction is beginning to disappear. This ideal division line is becoming inc

reasingly less marked. Roda's style is based on this modern way of living, offering the freedom to choose and live in one's home in a more personal way.
So, if indoors and outdoors are no longer so far apart, it is logical to think of a consequent s

ensory continuity. Roda has interpreted this idea with furniture proposals of impeccable workmanship.
Resting in the garden, on the terrace or on a beach, just outside the four walls of our home, is not just about taking possession of an external sp

atial dimension. It is actually about another expression of living, coinciding with the perception of a contemporary wellbeing in the chance to enjoy open spaces, even if they are only small in size, and the perception of an intangible luxury, understood

as the accumulation and fulfilment of one's time. However, living, both inside and out, is a complex dimension of being, and occupying the open ground is different from furnishing a room.
Roda has seized on this potential and has dedicated recent ye

ars to researching, studying and experimenting with the objective of creating not just a new line of outdoor furniture, but another piece of a possible world.
By working on the technological and formal languages of design, it has managed to generate

an interesting blend of interior and exterior design, choosing to equip the outdoors as if it were an extra room, or a room twinned with all the other rooms in the home.
The furniture becomes an expression of this doubling effect and Roda is its in

terpreter. Sophistication, harmony and the rejection of all set ideas are the basic principles behind a new concept of informal luxury.

Therefore, thanks to the creations of Rodolfo Dordoni (the Net-Work line, created two years ago, and the new

collections for this year), Roda has applied a design philosophy which can be summed up in the In/Out concept: furniture chosen as an expression of the inhabitant's personality, which moves by means of osmosis between indoors and outdoors, without interr

uption, in a poetic blend of material and detail, form and function, technology and tradition.

Ambiguity thus becomes wealth and uncertainty becomes an opportunity for new possibilities. The furnishings alternate between indoors and out, imman

ent, while the settings slide by like holiday slides.

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