Agnes Chandelier 10 Bulbs

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Categories: Interior lightingChandeliers
Product description

Agnes Chandeliers feature a modular structure that can be assembled in con!gurations from a modest, 10‐light chandelier to a large 20‐light chandelier. “Agnes, in its ideal state, would be a very large !xture. You could !ll up a whole ceiling,” says the d

esigner Lindsey Adelman. Articulated joints allow for the bulbs to be rotated and arranged in a multitude of ways. The bulbs can be completely vertical, in a churchlike state or at irregular angles in a more whimsical arrangement.

Length 1070 mm
Width 910 mm
Height 1200 mm
Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Material aluminium
glass (unspecified)
Colors copper / bronze
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Roll & Hill, United States

Lindsey Adelman