HESPERIDE DYO adjustable mirror

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Product description

A coat-stand programme comprising open consoles, chest, various mirrors, bench, coat rack elements and various accessories.

Tidiness in a big way.
Chests of greater depth have now been added to this product line. Also new: the top can be painted or supplied with a satin-finish glass inlay painted on the back. There are loose shelves, shoe racks or internal drawers in solid oak or walnut.

Elegant and well planned:
this desk from the HESPERIDE product line is wall-mounted and therefore extremely space-saving. It is lined in leather, with lighting and power sockets as optional extras. The solid walnut or oak boxes are useful when sorting mail or for similar tasks.

Chest: Mitre-jointed, open at the top with leather inlay. Option of inside drawer, loose shelves or shoe racks.

Consoles: Two mitre-jointed consoles, open at top, with leather inlay. Some sections lockable, with sliding lid in 2 sizes on felt runners; with leather surface.

Mirrors: Two square crystal-glass mirrors with deep mitre-jointed frame, for wall mounting. Long crystal-glass mirror, also with mitre-jointed frame, for vertical or horizontal mounting. Square mirror, with deep mitre-jointed frame and 4 round or oval mirror surfaces.

Bench seat: Mitre-jointed, with large drawer and padded leather surface; drawer with handle recess at bottom or optional leather handle.

Coat-rack elements: Two hook bars with leather surface and 5 hooks each. 2 coat-rack elements with leather surface and coat rail (or 1 rail and 3 hooks). Matching coat hangers.

Accessories, solid wood (for use in consoles or chest): small box for keys, purse, watch etc. Letter rack, vase/umbrella stand with inner vase of bonded, mitre-jointed glass and insert mirror.

painted in 27 finishes and 19 high-gloss finishes, wood

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Schönbuch, Germany

Carsten Gollnick