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Product description

The IRO bowls are decorative favourites made of glass. Each set comprises two bowls in different colours and shapes. Placed one inside the other, their partial overlap makes for a fascinating play of light. The smaller bowls come in three colour combinations: lavender for the outer bowl with sunflower for the inner one; pine green with beet red; and hot pink with persian red. The larger bowls come in cornflower blue with sea green, and cloudy grey with sunflower. Solo or as a pair, with or without content, IRO bowls make a classy eyecatcher in any space. Pure gems made from glass that add sophisticated colour accents.

Height40,40 mm / 60 mm / 60,40 mm / 80 mm
Diameter130,50 mm / 150,20 mm / 200 mm / 210,80 mm

Schönbuch, Germany

Hanne Willmann