Product description

Inspiring installation. PINA is a wall-mounted coat rack and an absolute eye-catcher. Designed by Laurent Batisse, it immediately calls to mind a series of dance steps with a strong, playful character. The coat hooks are made of powder-coated steel, as are the connecting arcs between them. Inspired by the forms of a skipping rope, the arcs offer additional capacity to accommodate clothes on hangers. PINA comes with four hooks, or with five hooks and a small dish for keys and other day-to-day items. Available in a choice of citrus yellow, rosewood or black, PINA is the most charming invitation to hang up coats, hats and jackets — and possibly even to dance.

Dimensions (W x H x D) in cm: 36.0/57.5 x 37.0/47.5 x 12.0

powder-coated rosewood, black, citrus yellow

Schönbuch, Germany

Laurent Batisse