NARIMA® colour-effect glass

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Product description

This dichroic color effect glass NARIMA® from SCHOTT produces dazzling variable color effects with spectacular depth effects depending on the position, reflection and transmittance.
Quite often, Olafur Eliasson deals with the theatrical themes reality and illusion in his works and intentionally challenges our normal patterns of perception. While planning the rehearsal building for the Bavarian State Opera, he developed the idea of realizing a facade that permits both transparent viewing, as well as reflections. For this reason, “Bühnenfenster” consists of an outside surface made of a total of 300 square meters of dichrotic color effect glass, as well as a 175 square meter mirror surface located directly behind it. The combination of both elements allows for an artistically staged platform to be created that reflects life in the city and sets the people on the square in relation. At the same time, an integrated color display is used to do away with the separation between indoors and out by converting the activities inside the building into a playful moving pattern consisting of refracted light impulses. These impressions are amplified by the optical interference effects of the color effect glass that allow for an artistic rainbow effect to be created.


SCHOTT, Germany