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Product description

Free your kitchen from the conventional dictates of design with SieMatic BeauxArts.
There are kitchen designs for purists, romantics, and pragmatists. And then there is SieMatic BeauxArts - for all those whose imagination cannot be stereotyped. SieMa

tic BeauxArts is much more than a traditional kitchen program. It's a whole new Kitchen Interior Design concept, which - for the first time - makes it possible to play with styles, and compose seemingly contradictory design elements to form a harmonious w

hole. With SieMatic BeauxArts a new chapter in the history of Kitchen Interior Design is beginning.

You can combine Classicism and Modernity, or antiques and built-in furniture. Or you can put together cabinets from different types of doors, dr

awers, pull-out trays, and handles. Blend cool stainless-steel elements and warm types of wood, precious types of stone and sensuous colors. And discover the most beautiful style of kitchen furnishing along the way - your own.


SieMatic, Germany

Mick De Giulio

SieMatic Design