Continuous rod minimal

Product description

Designed to illuminate facades, walls, corniches and exterior floor marker. Continuous rod may be connected in line allowing a uniform lighting of even very large surfaces with dimming of the light emitted. Continuous lines which tend to infinity, used as a wall washer to illuminate walls with grazing light, or to create light cuts that outline the shapes and the architecture.

The Continuous Rod “Minimal” is a extruded aluminum profile with a very slim squared design: a very thin profile cuts into the architecture, not only to illuminate but also to emphasize the surrounding space. Continuous Rod can be surface mounted with a flush light source option or recessed, with a retracted light source option for more visual comfort: 1-2-3 meter modules can be used to light up spaces, using an energy-efficient LED strip integrated into the profile.

Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
Safety classclass III (protective low voltage)
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SIMES, Italy