Artematica Pigmentus

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The art of pure volumes.Thanks to Valcucine technology, the Artematica Pigmentus door, although lacquered, is very light because it is composed of a panel that is only 6mm thick combined with an aluminium structural frame.For this reason it has none of the problems connected with the weight of traditionally lacquered doors that in the long run jeopordize the functionality of the hinges. As a consquence, the doors remain perfectly aligned as time goes by. The lacquered door is available in a vast range of colours with matt or gloss finishes. The lacquer has a polyester base coat that guarantees excellent resistance to impact and a mirror-effect surface that is there to last. The matt lacquered door is obtained by integrating microscopic balls of rilsan in the varnish that give it a slight orange peel effect and make it more resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Material aluminium
Colors white
shades of grey
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Valcucine, Italy

Gabriele Centazzo

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by Valcucine

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