Riciclantica Inox Touch

Product description

Thanks to the first-ever 2mm door to be produced in the world, Riciclantica is the most technologically advanced kitchen line that expresses the shape of lightness: it is the utmost portrayal of design based on dematerialisation.

The door consists in a very resistant aluminium structural frame and in a sophisticated, extremely slim yet sturdy aesthetic panel.

The use of materials such as aluminium, steel, layered laminate and glass, the very accurate design of the construction details resulting in perfectly flat joints that use no screws or screw caps at all, and the superior resistance to water, steam and heat contribute to making the Riciclantica door unique in the furniture sector.

Riciclantica respects the four cornerstones of eco-compatibility: minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, long life, recyclability and non-toxic finishes.

For the first time in the kitchen sector Valcucine, partnered with Guardian, presents the new, glass Linea C6 worktop. This worktop is more wear-resistant than any other top on the market thanks to its special protection that gives it unprecedented properties and an exceptional hardness close to the 8th degree of the Mohs scale. The very smooth surface of the new top makes it easier to clean and more hygienic.

stainless steel
Colorsshades of brown
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Valcucine, Italy

Gabriele Centazzo

Valcucine Design Department

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