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Product description

VIBIA presented PLUS creating the concept of "skylight" for ceiling lights as a solution to create an atmosphere as similar as possible to daylight. Now, after the enormous success of this product, the PLUS range is even wider and definitely creates a new concept in ceiling lights from both an architectonic and decorative point of view. This family, being so articulated, offers a great number of totally new solutions and a new way to illuminate from the ceiling, thus fulfilling specific needs, depending on the space and the environment, maintaining the same architectonic aesthetics and a natural light effect.

Besides the two big 90-cm and 120-cm ceiling lights, two new products are available: 35 and 60 cm. The latter is surface mounted, is similar to the bigger ones and has both the symmetric and asymmetric versions. The 35-cm one is symmetric and is purely architectonical design-wise. Its three versions, surface, semi built-in and built-in, allow a wider choice depending on the space and the desired distribution. The built-in version reminds us of a real skylight, giving the illusion of natural light washing down through an opening in the ceiling.

A new square model extends the possibilities of this product designed by Xavier Claramunt & M. de Mas especially for more architectonic and geometrical spaces. It is available in three different sizes (100x100 cm, 70x70 cm and 36x36 cm), it is surface mounted and easy to install and maintain.

All versions are equipped with dimmable ballasts so that light can be adjusted to different scenes in the same space. The convex methacrylate diffuser amplifies the sensation of natural daylight. PLUS bring new solutions to create an indoor atmosphere similar to natural daylight by combining different sizes and shapes. Its architectonic and decorative design also allows for the body to be painted in any colour, thus contributing to its full integration with the surrounding space.

Emission classA++ - A
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Height200 mm / 240 mm / 300 mm / 400 mm
Depth160 mm / 240 mm / 700 mm
Diameter350 mm / 600 mm
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VIBIA, Spain

X. Claramunt

M. de Mas

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