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Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki has created an innovative lighting system: a network of tubes that bring the light from a specific single point to different shades that can be positioned as required. The light is guided by the precise design and at the same time provides interior designers and architects with unlimited freedom to generate different configurations. TUBE offers a unique landscape of shades and light conduits, a grid that references the urban realm that combines aesthetics and optimum functionally. “The name of the collection derives from the system of tubes but also from the lines and intersections generated that recall the typical way that underground or subway maps are illustrated,” points out Ichiro Iwasaki. TUBE draws attention to the installation itself, making evident that which is normally hidden, incorporated as if it were a compositional feature. But above all capable of bringing the light to four separate points from a single switch. A development that will make lighting projects easier to layout, in which Vibia is a pioneering company. The urban spirit of TUBE is underlined by the colour options for the aluminium shades including three different tones of grey: light, medium and graphite as well as off-white. Made in four different dimensions that can be combined if required, from 22 to 53 cm, matching the colours with one another, assembled at different heights and distances apart. The hanging option can be complimented with a ceiling version, or other combinations, adapted to the requirements of each and every architectural space in alternating point and ambient lighting.

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VIBIA, Spain

Ichiro Iwasaki