Light Cube Basic

Light Cube Basic
Product description

Light cube made of opal, acrylic glass on plastic base.
Straight lines and pure design, this is VITEO. Our lightcube suits this philosophy perfectly. A cube made of opal acrylic glass, based on a stainless steel socket are stable enough to be used as a

seat or table without a problem. It comes in the "mood-version" with freely programmable color change or in mono-color.

Emission classA++ - A
Diffuser/reflector shapesquare
Width400 mm
Height420 mm
Weight1200 kg
Seat finishwithout upholstery
Backrest finishwithout backrest
Armrest finishwithout armrests
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP44 protection against: solids >1mm/splashing water
Materialstainless steel
acrylic (PMMA)
shades of yellow
shades of red
shades of blue
shades of green
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VITEO, Austria