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VITEO>OUTDOORS is a question of character

1. Modularity

The VITEO_product range is defined on the basis of its modular architecture with a common design theme. Fine-tuned to a wide variety of personal needs, the concept allows for a host of possible combinations and individual outdoor design:
Besides choosing out of different high-grade woods (teak, oak or larch) that are combined with a grinded stainless steel frame VITEO offers furthermore the whole product range in four different heights (30 / 47 / 76 / 110cm), which makes it multifunctionally useable.

2. The new slowness

Deceleration makes room for quality of life and self-realisation. With a glass of wine at the end of the day, at a BBQ with friends or a dinner with the family: VITEO>OUTDOORS creates moments of relaxation.
VITEO>OUTDOORS represents the next step in the evolution of garden furniture through perfect synthesis of form and function, thus conveying a new life style.

3. Perfection with style

VITEO_furniture and accessories meet the requirements of our time: style, perfection, individuality and joy of life are reflected in its reduced design, the careful choice of high-grade materials and its variable functionality.
Along with the high standards of design and uncompromising quality, ergonomics and durability are the mainstays of our product philosophy.

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