Istanbul washing basin table

Product description

The sophisticated style of the award-winning Istanbul collection has introduced new bathroom furniture. Designed for VitrA by Ross Lovegrove, Istanbul has been brought back to life with infinite technology. The perfect combination of fluid, sculpture-like

forms with elegant bodies and delicate lines is proof not only of Lovegrove’s skill with technology and materials but also VitrA’s mastery of manufacturing technology.

The new Istanbul series of bathroom furniture is available in glossy tones of w

hite, olive green and burgundy. The mirror features an integrated magnifying glass and is framed with long-lasting LED lighting. The spacious sink and upright cabinet provides organized storage space with internal compartments while the cast mineral sink

maintains the same glossy, snow-white appearance it had on day one. The control lever and spigot on the fittings of the new Istanbul series are mounted separately on the counter.

These products aren't available in Germany.

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