Product description

The Caddy has already proven itself to be a useful companion in numerous work
situations. In response to the demands of a densely occupied, efficient office in which employees can choose between seated and standing work positions but also need to make constant use of mobile devices - from laptops to projectors - this neglected requirement is fulfilled by a flexible and customizable piece of multifunctional furniture.

The architect Christoph Ingenhoven designed a Caddy for Vitra that further develops the form of a versatile and lightweight trolley familiar from airplane cabins and opens up options for new uses. With a height of 110 cm, it makes an ideal standing work station, lectern or platform for presentations. The quality-crafted body is made of diecast aluminium and powder-coated sheet steel. Thanks to its small footprint, the Caddy takes up very little room and so contributes to increased spatial efficiency in the office.

The interior of the Caddy can be individually subdivided and customized. Optional features include drawers with dampening effect, storage trays, a utensil drawer made of integral foam as and electrification. A cleverly devised door mechanism protects the storage area while simultaneously allowing easy access.

The Caddy is suited to an almost endless variety of possible uses: It fulfils its function in public areas for catering and events, serves as a standing work station or as a supplementary furnishing unit in non-territorial offices and can be employed as a mobile technology cabinet in home interiors.

Height1100 mm
Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage

Vitra, Switzerland

Ingenhoven Architects