Vela shelving system

Product description

The Vela Bar consists of straight modules that can easily adapt to a variety of configurations. The shelving systems offers two different size shelves (39.25” x 39.25” and 39.25” x 78.5”) as support elements, which can also serve other functions. Both the high and low Vela shelving systems possess a unique arched shape. Its scale and proportions are akin to the rest of the Vela Collection and quickly adapt and enrich any space, showcasing objects placed on its shelves, thanks to its illumination feature. The back side of the shelving system has a vertical indenture that creates a visually attractive and dynamic effect when viewed from behind. In fact, the entire product has been cleverly designed to present the best option for maximum storage and freeing up spaces. A DMX illuminated version is available and can be programmed to the bar, allowing it to glow and bathe any space in an array of beautiful colors that can be controlled by a hand held device.

Colors white
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Ramón Esteve

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