Presented:ISH 2011, Frankfurt
Categories: Fireplaces / Heating elementsStoves
Product description

With its new innovative product line easy.nrg wodtke, pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers in the field of pellet stove technology for living space heating, extends its product family "wodtke.nrg".

Efficiency and sustainability

The p

ellet stove easy.nrg is designed as a single-room fireplace for the living area. With a nominal thermal output of 2 to 6 kW easy.nrg is intended for use in highly insulated buildings such as passive or low-energy houses. Its excellent energy efficiency an

d low emissions meet the coming requirements of tomorrow already today. This underlines the award of the most successful German eco label "Blue Angel". The "Blue Angel" is the hallmark of ecologically certified, high-quality products.
Another forward-l

ooking feature is the optional room-air-independent, airtight combustion air supply duct. So, easy.nrg specifically allows installa¬tion in passive and low-energy houses with controlled room venti¬lation.

Prized Design

Also its visual appear

ance reflects high energy. Its clear-cut design combining steel with black decorative glass underscores the style of this typical wodtke line. In 2011 wodtke easy.nrg has already been awarded the renowned "Design Plus". The expert jury of the German Desig

n Council awards the label "Design Plus powered by ISH" for the "outstanding and notably innovative design". As the jury pointed out, "the aspects of climate protection, energy efficiency and sustainability were of particular importance for the choice".

Technology and Innovation

Ultimate ease of use and safety - implemented for example in the childproof door lock with push-on handle and the electronically monitored combustion technology - were focal aspects in the development of this stove:

easy handling - easy.nrg. Its use of inexpensive fuel makes for economy, and the special firebox geometry ensures efficient, low-emission combustion.


Wodtke, Germany