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Living with fire - fire is life: this is not just wodtke’s motto but also a fact of human history. wodtke – based in Tübingen, Germany – specialises in wood burning stoves and pellet burner technology. Carbon-dioxide-free heating with wood and wood pellets represents an environmentally-friendly technology and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Heating systems are becoming more intelligent, and at wodtke they have long-since shed their rustic image.

Christiane Wodtke is managing director of wodtke GmbH. She has been influential in the company’s product development from the start, and is the personification of the company’s philosophy. “In connection with corresponding key technologies for intelligent building our products, systems and solutions serve to enhance people’s quality of life. People will experience a new way of heating and a new type of warmth with our products”, says Wodtke.

Wodtke’s innovations are visionary, subtle and profound. They are marked by a strong focus on the environment and display a commitment to good design. The designer-style wodtke wood burning stoves - “Feuer in Form” - appeal to the emotions and fit in with a modern lifestyle. Wodtke’s pellet burner technology represents one of the best-designed amalgamations of environmental responsibility and economic efficiency. At wodtke the utmost importance is placed on the quality of their products. Superior quality is a must because it creates the necessary link between desire and utility.

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