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Product description

The registered design combines aesthetics with a high degree of utility. Uncompromising linearity and the use of steel combined with glass as the perpetually fascinating materials of choice, available in ›black‹ (piano laquer effect) or &rsa

quo;Latte M‹, are signature features of wodtke design – committed to purist principles and hence to avoidance of unnecessary features and visible accoutrements. Simplicity is the guiding theme - unobtrusive elegance the defining credo. "

vision7" is designed to meet the requirements of modern architecture and building construction. A special model for room-air-independent operation* is also available which allows for installation in low-energy and passive houses with controlled venti

lation. The self-locking fire door is important in terms of safety standards. The special geometry of the firebox and the afterburning phase ensure good, low-emission combustion. And that is not all: The firebox can be turned to the left and the right by

48 degrees to create different perspectives which follow the inhabitants’ changes in focus as they occur in the course of a day. Attention to ecological considerations evidences itself in the energy-efficient heating technology of "vision7&quo

t; as well as the use of renewable CO2 neutral wood from sustainably managed domestic forests. The design embodies modern, sophisticated technology and a new direction in formal aesthetics.* Approved as room-air-independent fireplace in accordance with DI

BT guidelines / DIN 18897-1; application for general approval is pending.


Wodtke, Germany