Pan Free Standing Wannenarmatur

Product description

A generous bathroom area, coloured accessories and luxurious wall coverings like heavily veined wood. Pan is always appropriate and, thanks to its international aesthetic appeal, it catches the spotlights in any situation. Extensive projectual freedom. Th

e built-in solution features a geometric, rectangular plate. It is this very austerity that makes for the creation of a variety of compositions, thus giving rise to new products each and every time. The sink mixer tap plate can be used to connect one or m

ore mirrors, thus achieving ever-new solutions. Offering the chance of creating a bathroom environment in complete freedom is very important to Zucchetti, a way of bringing the fantasy world of men closer to that of industry. PAN+ is a plausible link, a d

esirable future for the study of harmony between technological constraint and freedom of use. "The Pan collection is our interpretation of the spare, cylindrical type of single lever mixer, which uses classical archetypes to develop aesthetics and ne

w, completely original styles. We focused on connecting the vertical and horizontal elements. As in nature there are no cuts and welds, so the body of our faucet, designed like the trunk of a tree, creates the spout and the handle, using a gentle connecti

on that is designed with exactly the same delicacy one would use in grafting a branch to a tree trunk".

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Zucchetti, Italy

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba