Indoor Wall, Stockholm International Fairs


Two walls made in the restrooms for the new hall at the fairs. A mirror wall at each side creates an interesting effect. The walls are characterized by colorful begonias, joined by several types of peperomias and ferns. They are planted in small, scattere

d groups, giving a somewhat random impression, creating variation although being a small sized garden.

A 20m long wall, part of the renovation of a walking corridor and restaurant area running between two halls at the fairs. The new ceiling create

some interesting reflections of the plants and hides the light armatures. As a densely visited area, where heavy trolleys often are rolled, the walls where terminated some 30cm above the floor and fitted with a protective metal plate.
Among others can

be found several different Rhipsalis, a variety of Begonia and a few gesneriads that seem to flowers well during the year.

All pictures: Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholm, Sweden
Architects: rosenbergs arkitekter


Vertical Garden Design, Schweden