Acapulco Chair Rocking Gris

Acapulco Chair Rocking Gris
Product description

With our Rocking Chair, Acapulco Design is bringing a new version of the Classic Acapulco Chair to your garden and living room.

Our Mexico chair has been long defined as a highly comfortable lounge chair. Our Rocking Chair is taking this comfort to another level. Naturally, it is up to you whether you use your Acapulco Chair in the garden, on the balcony or as a living room armchair. Whichever way you decide, the chair can also be placed outdoors. Many design aficionados and experts have been using the ROCKING CHAIR  for a long time in an indoor context as well. There is a variety of combinations; from decorating the chair with furs, blankets or pillows or by simply enjoying its pure, comfortable version as a lounge chair in your living room. In this way it is easy to enjoy wonderful encounters and evenings with friends, drinking coffee or enjoying a glass of wine. With your own ROCKING Acapulco Chair you bring a piece of Mexican lifestyle into your home.

When you purchase our original Acapulco Chair, you are supporting sustainable production in Mexico. We offer new opportunities to our employees and take great care to ensure that working conditions are fair and that employees are paid a reasonable wage. As a result, we have enabled many of our factory workers to find their place in society again.

The solid steel frame is galvanised and powder-coated; the seat is made of elastic plastic, which is free of phthalates and heavy metals, and is UV-resistant. The form of the seat shell is ideally suited to the body’s ergonomics. Due to the high-quality materials, the chair is highly durable and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.


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