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Product description

Virtually indestructible the vases are made from natural materials such as gravel, sand and cement type 4.25 and equipped with synthetic fibers extracted from a polymer blend for the reinforcement of concrete. They can make a difference in gardens, entrances, driveways with trees and creepers given the sizes. Their modern and refined design allows you to insert them into any type of space, from classical to a more modern style.

The ability to paint them with Quartz based paint, weather resistant, allows you to create colorful corners or camouflage them with the environment. Play an important role in the health of your plants: light-colored vases are reflective and so maintain the ground cooler, while dark colored vases absorb sunlight and heat it. For this you should ask the nursery what the correct temperature of ground will establish well-being for the plant that you decide to plant.

I GIGANTI are the vases that were missing, those that bring out the antoniolupi philosophy in terms of design, quality, craftsmanship and functionality.

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Carlo Colombo