1st Aid

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Product description

1st Aid is built around a metal-coated polyester foil taken from a first aid-kit. The foil - gold on one side, silver on the other - is intentionally highlighted by two LED-light sources and the origin to the table lamp's name. The material is flexible, somewhat translucent, and extremely robust in spite of its thinness. The foil can be shifted to either left or right and is supposed to be crumpled. The two LED light sources (and heat sinks) are facing and thus projecting their light at one another, yet the foil, placed between them, reflects the light into the room. Given the differently coated sides of the foil, there is a warm side (gold) and a cool side (silver). The lamp is controlled by a magnetic ball on the metal base plate. The two light sources can be turned on separately or simultaneously.

Width200 mm
Height650 mm
Light regulationtwo light levels
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
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Ben Wirth