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“My lights are strongly influenced by creative processes in architecture. The illuminants LED and OLED have completely opened new ways for design. In my designs I always pay attention to harmony between content and form. What is feasible? What makes sense when working with the new technologies? In which direction are we going?" (Ben Wirth)

In 2006 the German architect and skilled carpenter Ben Wirth founded the company benwirth licht. His Munich based studio is more than a studio and a workshop - it is also his personal science lab, a room to experiment with light and materials. In collaboration with his team, this is where Ben Wirth designs exclusive lights and lighting systems. Most of them shine with LED, others with LED and OLED. Moreover, the company benwirth licht is a lighting design studio that develops individual lighting design concepts, bespoke light installations and even one-offs for private clients, entrepreneurs, hotels, restaurants, banks and shops.

In 2009 Ben Wirth had his breakthrough with "Incredible Bulb”, a pendant lamp he designed in response to the ban of the incandescent light bulb. This "empty bulb" now shines in different renowned places such as the PAKTA in Barcelona, one of the latest restaurants of the famous Adrià brothers. Incredible Bulb is one of Ben Wirth’s few lights that still operate with a halogen bulb. In addition to the “Incredible Bulb”, a new design will soon be unveiled. The LED version of Incredible Bulb, called LEDed B. will be presented during this year's Light+Building.

Ben Wirth specializes in LED and OLED. Looking at his lights and lighting systems, the design possibilities using these new illuminants become evident. The elegant and versatile light installations *Track and Cluster+ are two examples of such innovation.

The award winning modular lighting system Cluster+ for LED and OLED was designed in collaboration with the electrical engineer Kilian Hüttenhofer, a member of the benwirth licht team since the company's formation in 2006. In 2011 the first impressive suspending light installation with Cluster was designed for STEMMER IMAGING, a steadily expanding company specialized on image processing solutions. In 2013, benwirth licht mounted a wall installation of Cluster+ for the Bodi Diagnostic Burn Out Institute (b.o.d.i) in Munich, a medical center for burn out patients. Cluster+ is now being further developed by Ben Wirth and Kilian Hüttenhofer. Its update, Cluster 2.0 will be presented at this year's Light + Building trade fair, together with the rotatable LED-Spotlight Cluster Turnover which can be used either in addition to the system or independently from it.

Ben Wirth's second modular system, called *Track has been installed in several private homes and public spaces. During the first Munich Creative Business Week 2012, an 18 m² wall installation was presented in the New Egyptian Museum's bar and café area. Also in 2012, Ben Wirth completed one of the most beautiful *Track projects in a protestant church near Kassel. At the Frankfurt fair, Ben Wirth will present a three-storey *Track installation.

Ben Wirth: “Light is a determining element in the perception of our surroundings. Through light we interpret rooms and create atmospheres. Beautiful light influences our well-being, our quality of life, and living positively. I like it when light is integrated into architecture. The illumination of ceilings, walls and surfaces with indirect light reveals the typical characteristics of a room or a surface finish. On the other hand, I also love the power of beautiful lights and light installations in a room. Light that is integrated into the architecture allows the room to just be, while the lights use the room as a stage. In my lighting designs, especially when I am designing with LED, good light quality is an important factor. Working with light, material and space is an extremely exciting field where you can discover a lot, especially since we work with LED and OLED. Light is something you have to experience. After a long development process or assembly, the moment when the light finally is switched on is always exciting and fascinating.”

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