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Presented:Light + Building 2010, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Cluster+ is a modular system. It can be variably assembled and is made up of three to four main components: the supporting material (conductor boards), connectors, and the OLED module and/or LED module. With CLUSTER+, the two seminal illuminants' respecti

ve advantages are being used and ideally united in a single system. The idea is to enable the customer to design his lamp individually, and according to his own requirements. Through the addition of homogenous elements, an organic structure emerges on the


The illuminants
OLED and LED are the illuminants of the future. Their respective lighting effects are very different from each other: the LED concentrates its light output in a minute point, the OLED lights up whole surfaces. This of cou

rse makes for a multitude of application possibilities. While - using lenses to focus the light - one can generate directed light on a surface with the LED, the OLED is better suited to fill a room with primary lighting, smooth and even. As opposed to the

LED, the OLED light source can be looked at directly without being blinded. We see the application of both illuminants in a single system as a way to let them mutually complement one another, each one bringing its individual strengths to bear.


The main starting point for this system is an octagonal OLED module, made by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH. This illuminant is so impressive in its appearance, that the challenge in designing the system should be to create a carrier structur

e which accentuates the OLED in a way that allows it to truly come into its own. In this, it is decisive to bring about an equilibrium of illuminant and supporting material on the one hand and void space on the other, that is, a well-balanced proportion o

f material and empty space. Not design or artistic pretensions are what matters here, but the emergence of a sensible, efficient structure, which can be adapted to the users requirements. The beauty and esthetic of CLUSTER+ unfolds by itself, arising from

the sum of the three components, carrier structure, OLED and LED. The OLED illuminant is but two millimeters thick. With the help of the supporting material we use - the conductor boards - the OLEDs' size of 2mm can be transferred to the whole system. Th

is lightness is still sustained when using the LED components, their necessary companions lens and cooling element notwithstanding. United into one system, the strengths of the two light sources' different lighting effects complement each other beautifull




Light regulationstepless dimmer
Diffuser/reflector shapesquare with rounded corners
Length125 mm
Width125 mm
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